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Dharma Art Course

based on the teachings of Chogyam Trugpa, Rinpoche

New date: 21.05. – 24.05.2021 19.11. – 22.11.2020

Alanus Campus, Alfter

Course Description

Dharma Art refers to art that springs from a certain state of mind that could be called the meditative state. It is an attitude of directness and ego-less consciousness in which an artist is connected to natures everlasting flow of creation.

This program will offer a series of meditation-based practices that explore perception, creativity, composition and collaboration. Although some of these practices involve visual art, most will involve embodiment and the arts-based social change methodology, Social Presencing Theater.

Trungpa Rinpoche gave teachings on dharma art as a vehicle to explore the playfulness and naturalness of the phenomenal world. Suggested reading: True Perception, the Path of Dharma Art by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

We invite artists, art teachers, innovators, and all humans who have prior exposure to art and mindfulness-based practices.

The course is limited to 24 participants and will be held in English.

Arawana Hayashi’s pioneering work as a choreographer, performer and educator is deeply sourced in collaborative improvisation. She heads the creation of Social Presencing Theater (SPT) for the Presencing Institute. Working there with Otto Scharmer and his colleagues, she teaches both meditation and art based on bringing out the basic goodness of individuals, of relationships and of society.

Arawana will be assisted by Dirk Bräuninger, who teaches Social Presencing Theater at Alanus Werkhaus since 2016.


The Dharma Art program will be held on the beautiful campus of Alanus College, known for its humanistic and innovative approaches to education, the arts and the environment. It is a small and beautiful place up on the hill surrounded by trees and greenery. It can be reached with public transport via Bonn or Cologne (Köln) which are the next big cities.


The participation fee* of

  • 860 € (regular)

  • 780 € (early bird until Dezember 31, 2020)

for this multi-day program (Friday afternoon to Monday noon) includes lunch, dinner and coffee break catering.

* because of small businesses regulation (Section 19 German sales tax law - UStG -) no sales tax will be accounted.

Cancellation policy

The amount paid minus a 100 € cancellation/processing fee will be refunded for all cancellations received in writing before April 23, 2021. After that no refunds will be granted for cancellations. Please be sure to cancel your accommodation at Alanus guesthouse as well.


Accommodation at extra costs can be arranged directly with Alanus Guesthouse. There will be 18 rooms available.

A non-binding accommodation inquiry is part of the registration process with two options available:

  1. Stay in a room on your own or with someone you know. (Your request will be forwarded directly to Alanus Guesthouse)

  2. Get assigned to a multi bed room. (Your request will be forwarded as soon as a multi bedroom is fully occupied)

German website with prices and room descriptions:

Contact: Alanus Guesthouse, Johannishof – 53347 Alfter, phone: +49 (0)2222 93 21 1715

Beside Alanus Guesthouse there are other accommodations available in Alfter.